FAQ for Companies and Project Providers

IV. Category of persons eligible for support

III. Important reforms of the Promotion Principles from 30 July 2014

about a. Focus on Project Promotion

What is the application process for the training year 2015?

New: For the first time, a single process is used to select those project proposals that are the most suitable for reaching the project goal of successfully completing training.

What deadlines do I need to bear in mind and what is the project selection process?

The deadline for submitting the project proposal ends on 30 September 2014. Following on from this, project selection and a decision is made by an evaluation commission (BMAS, BA).

According to which criteria will project proposals be evaluated?

The criteria for selection of those projects worthy of being promoted will be explained in the call for proposals.

III. Important reforms of the Promotion Principles from 30 July 2014

about b. Two-step process of project selection and application process

about c. More possibilities for shaping support measures

about d. Own share of the project provider and also whenever possible of the training companies

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Promotion guideline for the special programme of the federal government for promoting the professional mobility of young skilled workers from Europe who are interested in completing vocational training.